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Flow and Becoming Light

My dearest friend just asked me, somewhat facetiously, how we become light. Though this is among the many questions I cannot answer, I do have some ideas on the subject.

There is much darkness in our world, which bleeds into our emotional lives and darkens what we see around us everyday. Dismayed by world politics, natural disasters and war, the illness and death of loved ones as well as our own senescence, it is easy to feel heavy, to feel the dark enveloping us as we struggle.

But light surrounds us, always, if we know how and where to look, and if we choose to do so.

Paradoxically, just as light exists in darkness, so it exists in fluid. The flow of fluid, whether in natural streams, brooks or oceans, or even in puddles of glass, traps the colors of light forming patterns. These patterns may be hard-edged or crystalline, or they may be fluid in shape as well, blending or swept together.

I posit that in order to find the path toward becoming light, we have to open our eyes and absorb the light around us: its colors, shapes and forms adding to the richness of our lives and understandings. We are powerless to erase the dark but we need that, too, to inform and contrast with the light. And while we may feel trapped from time to time, as winter traps the growth and blooming of things, light and warmth inevitably follow,

Part, albeit an infinitesimal part, of a mighty universe we have the light within us already - in our eyes, in our thoughts and in our being. And while we have the dark as well, our existence is rich with more light than most of us choose to see.

Dear Friend, may your eyes be brighter, your path lighter, and may the colors of the light flow around and warm you in winter.


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